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The Seafood Center
2021 Marine Drive, Suite 200
Astoria, OR 97103
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The Seafood Center
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Seafood School | Astoria, Oregon | Dining & Conference rooms

Tour Packages

20 - 80 people

Tour groups come to The Seafood Center to be immersed in the fishing culture of Astoria, the oldest permanent American settlement west of the Rockies. Once the salmon capitol of the world with dozens of canneries lining the waterfront in the early 20th century, fishing and seafood processing have been and continue to be a mainstay of the economy of the Oregon North Coast. Come feel the energy of our working waterfront and taste the delicious bounty of our pure waters!

We can tailor a program to fit the specific interests of your group, be they history buffs or food connoisseurs. For instance, we've been performing a seafood cooking demonstration as part of a cruise ship culinary shore excursion for the last several years. (It was even nominated for a Gold Medallion Award on one cruise ship line!) Perhaps, like the cruise ship passengers, your group would like to be charmed by our charismatic Head Chef Eric Jenkins while he prepares a delightful banquet from the sea right before your eyes.

For smaller groups (12-16), a hands-on seafood cooking class may fit the bill. We can further enhance your cultural experience with a fun and informative presentation about the fascinating history of fishing in Astoria or an impassioned reading by a local fisher poet. In addition, we'd be happy to coordinate lodging arrangements for your group or to help you plan the rest of your visit to the Lower Columbia area. Contact the Office and Financial Manager Melinda Helton at (503) 338-4485 x1 or via email at for more information about tour packages.