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The Seafood Center
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The Seafood Center
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We're all about Seafood and the Many Benefits it Delivers!

The Seafood Center is located on the campus of the Oregon State University Seafood Lab in Astoria, OR and is the place where the seafood industry, educators, coastal community leaders and consumers come together to network and learn. The Center is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 to help West Coast fishermen and seafood processors educate people about our wonderful local seafood. Our goal is to strengthen coastal seafood communities through innovation in, education about and promotion of West Coast seafood. Read the SCC Overview (PDF).

We achieve our goal by supporting projects and people dedicated to strengthening coastal seafood communities. We do so by serving as a catalyst for innovation in the seafood industry and a facilitator of knowledge on West Coast quality seafood.

As a catalyst for innovation, The Seafood Center:

  • Develops coastally produced value-added seafood products;
  • Increases the net return to coastal-based seafood harvesters and producers;
  • Creates new seafood networks and distribution models;
  • Presents research and information to promote management practices that improve economic, environmental and social conditions; and
  • Provides expertise, capital, contacts and market resources.

As a facilitator of knowledge, The Seafood Center:

  • Supports seafood industry strategies that increase consumers' awareness and consumption of local seafood;
  • Assists seafood groups that encourage people to support coastal fishing communities through their purchasing power; and
  • Delivers workshops and classes that demonstrate new opportunities for the seafood industry and link harvesters and processors to buyers.


Office and Financial Manager: Melinda Helton

Facility and Catering Manager: Jennifer Chapman

Head Chef & Market Links Program Manager: Eric Jenkins

Oregon Sea Grant Product Development Specialist: Mark Whitham

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