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Oregon Pink Shrimp | Health | Seafood School | Astoria, Oregon, USA


Health: Oregon Pink Shrimp

--Only 1 Carbohydrate per Serving--

Shrimp, like other seafood is a dieter’s best friend. High in protein, low in fat, shrimp not only tastes good, it’s good for you. Toss into salads or on toast—for a protein boost.

3 ½ OUNCES -- 100 grams (scant ½ cup)

100 Calories
1 gm. Carbohydrates.
21 gms. Protein
1 gm. Fat

Minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium

Trawlers are fishing boats that use nets rather than hook and line or traps, and they are made up of two basic types: draggers and shrimpers. The difference between the two is the types of nets used. Shrimp nets -- usually two at a time -- ride along the ocean bottom, and differ from other trawl nets by their small mesh size.

Shrimp fishermen work from April 1 to the end of October, and make most of their catch at depths of 60 to 100 fathoms (a fathom is six feet). Together, shrimpers and draggers land 70 to 80 percent of all seafood in Oregon, accounting for about 55 percent of the state's ex-vessel value (the price fishermen receive for their catch.)

The important fact for consumers is that Oregon Trawl Products are fresh! Oregon trawlers spend no more than five days at sea so that they can bring their catch to you as fresh as it can be. By comparison, trawlers in other parts of the United States can spend as much as two weeks on the ocean before coming in to port.